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Tournament Result - Year 5 This Girl Can Festival

This afternoon, twelve super enthusiastic Year 5 children got chance to take part in the second of the series of 'This Girl Can' events. 


Like with the other festivals, today's emphasis was on fun and enjoyment, and for the girls to just 'have a go' regardless of their shape, size or ability.


Both of Whitemoor's teams started the afternoon by engaging in a mass warm-up, followed by a rotation around different sports and activities - many of which the girls had never experienced before.


 A massive well done to all the pupils who took part - they showed so much passion and enthusiasm, and never stopped smiling throughout the afternoon.


Our Y5 'This Girl Can' team consisted of: Courtney B, Mia M, Benan E, Jenan E, Samya F, Sienna H, Doha A, Sheya M, Fallon T, Shay A, Laiba A and Tia Y.