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School Uniform


Why do we have a school uniform?


School uniform helps everyone to feel that they are part of the team. In turn, this improves standards of behaviour, as well as leading to better learning and a more harmonious atmosphere. We believe that children who take care and pride in the way they look also take pride in their work.


We ask for parental co-operation in ensuring that pupils are suitably dressed, and that high standards regarding school uniform continue​​.


Please note it is not necessary to purchase uniform from any particular supplier. Although we would like children to wear a sweatshirt with the school logo on, we understand that these are more expensive therefore you may choose to buy a plain version.


Jewellery is not allowed to be worn in school, except for one pair of stud earrings.



What is our uniform?


All year round:

  • White or blue polo shirts ​Required
  • In year 6 only: white shirts​ and tie (tie is provided) ​Required
  • Blue sweatshirts, cardigans or fleeces ​​Required
  • Grey/black trousers, shorts, skirts or pinafore dresses ​Required
  • Black shoes/trainer shoes ​Required
  • Black, grey or white socks/tights ​Required





  • A sunhat (bucket style or legionnaire style preferred for maximum coverage) Optional
  • Blue and white gingham dresses Optional



What is our PE kit?


All year round:

  • Plain white t-shirt ​Required
  • Plain blue or black shorts ​Required
  • Trainers​​ ​Required


Autumn, Winter & Spring:

  • Plain blue or black jumper/tracksuit top ​Optional
  • Plain blue or black tracksuit bottoms/leggings (no tights)​ ​Optional



For safety reasons, NO JEWELLERY OF ANY KIND is allowed to be worn during PE lessons. We also advise the following:


  • Piercings should take place during the summer holidays, allowing time for the ears to heal and stud earrings to be removed easily. 
  • Stud earrings should be removed before the lesson. They should not be covered up by plasters, as they do not effectively prevent risk of injury.
  • It is expected that children will remove religious necklaces for the duration of a PE lesson. If they must be worn to school, they should be long enough so that they can be removed over the child’s head. In addition, any religious bracelets that cannot be removed must be covered by a sweatband, in order for children to be able to take part safely in all activities.


Pupils who fail to follow the jewellery policy will be required to remove all items of jewellery (including piercings) by themselves. School staff are not legally allowed to do so on their behalf. If the pupil can not do this themselves, they will be unable to play an active role in the lesson. Following the lesson, contact will be made with a parent/carer to inform them of this and to ensure their child learns how to remove their jewellery ready for the next lesson.


School are not responsible for the safe keeping of jewellery and cannot be held responsible if any items go missing.


Where can I buy uniform from?


Whitemoor PE kits are available to purchase from Just Schoolwear and the school office.