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Whitemoor Academy

A 'Take Care' school that encourages pupils to 'Dare to be Different'

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Who's Who

Senior and Middle Leadership Team:


Role Name

Head Teacher 

* Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs L Di Martino

Deputy Head Teacher (Pastoral)

* Designated Safeguarding Lead

* Designated Teacher for Looked After Children

Mr R Lord

Deputy Head Teacher (Teaching & Learning)

* Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss R Fletcher

Foundation Stage Lead Miss S Carby
Key Stage One Lead Mrs J Davis
Lower Key Stage Two Lead Mrs C Daniels
Upper Key Stage Two Lead

* Covered by Mr R Lord &

Miss R Fletcher

Maths Lead Miss N Fairbrother
English Lead

Miss R Fletcher

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Mrs D Waterfall 

Pastoral and Nurture Lead

Miss G Hardy


Class Teachers:


Class Year Group Name
Nursery FS1 Mrs K White
Class 1 FS2 Miss S Carby
Class 2 FS2 Miss E Turner
Class 3 Year 1

Mrs K Blinston (Mon to Weds) &

Mrs D Waterfall (Thurs to Fri)

Class 4 Year 1 Miss C Mitchell
Class 5 Year 2 Mrs J Davis
Class 6 Year 2 Miss H Proud
Class 7 Year 3

Miss N Fairbrother

Class 8 Year 3 Mrs C Daniels
Class 9 Year 4

Mr Norris (Mon to Weds) &

Miss G Hardy (Thurs to Fri)

Class 10 Year 4 Miss L Cooke
Class 11 Year 5 Miss H Thomas
Class 12 Year 5 Mr P Rice
Class 13 Year 6 Mr D Hickman
Class 14 Year 6 Miss K Cooling 


* Mrs Crosby, Miss Hallam, Mrs Renton and Mrs Dewsbury are all currently on maternity leave.


Specialist Teachers:


Specialist Area(s) Name
Music Mr P O'Leary
PE, Sport and Physical Activity Mr P Jackson

Art & Design, Forest Schools and Gardening

Mr M Cook
Art & Design Mrs T Mumford


Support Staff:


Family Support Worker

Ms E Kelliher  

* Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead



Higher Level Teaching Assistants Focus Year Group
Mrs K White


Mrs L Rathore Year 2
Mrs C Calladine Year 6
Mrs T Mumford  



Teaching Assistants Focus Year Group

Mrs J Hall &

Mrs L Priestly

Mrs D Watts Nursery
Mrs J Connington Nursery
Miss N Rathore FS2
Mrs J Talbot FS2

Mrs P Jackson & 

Mrs L Watson

Year 1
Mrs H Scrimshaw Year 1
Mrs N Taylor Year 2
Mrs J Walker Year 3
Mrs L Gibbons Year 4
Mrs A Lucking Year 5
Mrs J Hall Year 6
Mrs W Simpson 1:1 Support
Mrs C Nelson Flying Start Unit
Mrs J Sisson Flying Start Unit


Office Team Role
Mrs R White Office Manager
Mrs R Stapleton Administrative Assistant
Mrs B Marsay Administrative Assistant



Site Team Role
Mr Mifsud Manager of Site Maintenance
Mrs D Askham Manager of Site Cleaning