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Tournament Result – Thursday 11th February – Y5/6 Dodgeball Finals

After a sterling performance in the City Dodgeball heats, we faced even tougher competition in the 'grand finals' of this tournament (which took place on Thursday afternoon). 


Thankfully, our players found their rhythm quickly, reacting superbly to the increased skill levels which the the other teams exhibited.


We battled all the way to the final, with Whitemoor once again showing resilience and determination in everything they did. It then came down to the last 20 seconds (of the third and final round) against last year's winners – Djanogly Strelley... With amazing unison we were able to get some important hits on the opposing team, meaning we won the final game and thus the gold medal. 


What another amazing performance from our fantastic sports men and women!


Today's, gold medal winning, Dodgeball team were: Oskar D, Lynden J, Ajay S, Daniel P, Thomas W, Declan M, Savita A and Grace A.