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Football Result – Friday 22nd July – Boys Under 11 Vs Under 10 Game

As part of our end of year celebrations, we arranged a friendly match between our oldest and youngest football teams. 


The older squad consisted of: Elliot A, Luke W, Richard J, Solomon S, Declan M, Lynden J and Oskar D (as well as Mikyle T on the bench); whilst the younger squad was made up of: Josh I, Harvinder D, Daniel P, Castel B, Mason T, Brian D and Mason N (as well as Carnell T & Millie E on the bench).


The boys (and girl) served up an intense game of football, with the final score as follows:


Whitemoor Academy Under 11s 5 – 0 Whitemoor Academy Under 10s

Oskar D

Oskar D

Oskar D

Oskar D

Solomon S


Man of the Match (breaking the 50+ goals mark this season): Oskar D 


Congratulations to the Under 11 team for claiming back the intra-school trophy. I wonder who will win next year…?