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Football Result - Boys Under 11 Karnival Tournament

1. Whitemoor Academy 0 – 1 Southwark Primary 


2. Whitemoor Academy 1 – 2 Fernwood Juniors

Shalom-Chris O
3. Whitemoor Academy 3 – 1 Southwold Primary

Tyrai W

Tyrai W

Travae R


4. Whitemoor Academy 0 – 0 Greenfields Primary


5. Whitemoor Academy 1 – 0 South Wilford Primary

Travae R


This set of results - some very impressive and some rather disappointing - meant that Whitemoor finished in 3rd place. With only the 1st placed team in each of the four leagues (North, South, East and West) making it through to the semi-finals, our afternoon finished at this point.   


However, it was safe to say that our players learnt lots from their time at the Forest Sports Zone, both as individuals and as a team. We know that if this learning is applied to future matches and tournaments, it will bring about greater success for Whitemoor!



Natijah L

Harley J

Hayder I

Tyrai W

Travae R

Shalom-Chris O



Sam W

Reuben K


Man of the Tournament: Travae R