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Competition Result - Y5/6 Key Step Gymnastics

This afternoon, we were lucky enough to be able to take all the gymnasts who've been attending after school club (since September!) to the Y5/6 Key Step competition.


Inspire Gymnastics Academy, which is based in Cinderhill, was chosen as the host venue for today's event. Given that the Upper Key Stage Two version of the Key Step competitions last occurred three years ago, all the schools present had high hopes that their team(s) would gain a medal... 


It was clear right from the start that Whitemoor's gymnasts had been training incredibly hard, with both our A and B teams performing their tricky routines with the upmost skill and poise. 


When the points from the five highest scoring pupils in each team were added together, we discovered our B team had finished fourth and our A team had finished first. What an amazing achievement from all involved! 


Today's superstar gymnastics teams were made up of: Benan E, Ticianny M, Destiny R, Sienna H, Alyssia N, Minky D, Jenan E, Kuleni S, Katie A, Shay A, Mia M and Zenai C.