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Competition Result – Wednesday 9th December – Y1/2 Gymnastics

After school today, six of our Y1/2 Gymnastics team ventured up to Ellis Guilford to take part in the annual Key Stage One competition.


The team had been training extremely hard and overcame early nerves when it was their time to perform. Each and every one of our Gymnasts showed great courage and carried out their routine with a big smile (however nervous they felt inside!). 


After scores were collected, the judges announced that Whitemoor had gained enough points to finish in 2nd place so would receive a silver medal. In fact they only missed out on the gold medal by 0.03 points. What a great performance!


The reaction from teachers and parents showed how very proud of the children's achievements everyone was.


Our Y1/2 Gymnastics team was made up of: Fallon T, Mya I, Abdullah T, Kuleni S, Destiny T and Mia M.