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Competition Result – Tuesday 24th May – Y5 Arrows Archery

Yesterday, a number of Year 5 pupils traveled up to Ellis Guilford to represent Whitemoor in our first ever Archery competition.


Both Year 5 classes have been lucky enough to receive specialist Archery coaching during PE this term and, based on their efforts in these sessions, eighteen children were selected to take part in the inter-school finale.   


We were delighted that this event gave us another chance to include A, B and C teams – especially given the fact that many of the children we picked had never been involved in a competition before. 


All our three teams put in maximum effort, and their hard work paid off when we won both the gold and bronze medals! 


Our Archery team consisted of: Alfie G, Natasha C, Jai W, Niamh P, Mason W, Tino C, Olivia G, Urooj F, Shakiel T, Troy B, Awais I, Sharnaiya M, Amirah A, Lauren F, Joshua I, Halima A, Sophie B and Millie G.