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Competition Result – Thursday 10th May – Y1/2 Key Step Gymnastics

On Thursday morning, Whitemoor's youngest sports team traveled up to Ellis Guilford Sports Centre, to take part in the annual Year 1/2 Key Step Gymnastics event. 


This competition is based around individual performances of the Key Step Level 1 routines in Body Management, Vault (bench) and Floor. Each performance is scored by a judge and then are added together to provide a team score. 


After many weeks and months learning these routines in after school club, Whitemoor's Gymnasts performed with skill and poise. Surprisingly, they did not score enough points to finish in a medal position... 


However, it was pleasing to see teachers from two of the medal winning schools come over to tell Whitemoor's team that they should have been the ones with the medals! 


Our Y1/2 Gymnastics team consisted of: Werner E, Abi-Lea B, Mustafa T, Amelia B, Ava J and Elijah B.