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Whitemoor Sports Awards 2023

Ater a four year absence, the 'Whitemoor Sports Awards' was back in operation today. As part of this event we were delighted to share the following totals with the 130 parents, carers and guests in attendance:

– 227 children took part in sports events (in the academic year 2022/23)
– 52 tournaments/competitions/leagues/festivals were entered
– 37 teams were involved
– 12 different sports were played 

– and 2 medals were won (1 silver and 1 bronze)


What's more, we revealed the winners of our most prestigious awards:

– Players' Players of the Season (Maya M and Mason B)

– Mangers' Players of the Season (Lily-Rose C and Joshua S)

– Golden Boot (Danise N)
– Sporting Hero (Mrs Edwards)

– John McPhearson (Nyah B)


Thank you to all the teachers, support staff and (of course) pupils who made these impressive totals possible. 


We hope next year's event will be even bigger and better!