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Tournament Result - Y5/6 Girls 7-a-side Netball

Today saw the long-awaited return of a primary school 7-a-side Netball tournament…


After School Sport Nottingham ceased running this event in 2017, and last year’s Nottinghamshire equivalent was postponed, our girls finally got to play this format of Netball.


Given it was a county-wide event, which included single-sex, private schools, we knew the opposition would be very tough!  


Whitemoor’s players battled extremely hard and scored some great team goals. However, the extra practice many of our opponents received clearly showed, with very few wins recorded over the course of the evening.


As Mrs Hall and Miss Proud said, it was a great experience for the girls to play this sport against such quality opposition – a real learning curve!


Our 'Girls Only' Netball team consisted of: Inez W, Katie A, Megan H, Mariah-Lace A, Vina R, Farrah M and Christine S.