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Tournament Result - Y5 Kwick Cricket

This morning, some of our keenest cricketers ventured over to Victoria Embankment (West Bridgford), ready to compete in the Y5 edition of the 'Kwick Cricket Tournaments.' 


Having secured medals in this sport last year, and the year before that, Team Whitemoor were hopeful that yet more success would come their way today. 


However, given that a number of the the private schools in Nottingham City enter the cricket tournaments, we knew a super human effort would be required to secure the bronze, silver or gold medal...


With a round robin format being used, it was hard to tell exactly how well our team was doing compared to others. What was easy to tell was that everyone of our players worked superbly hard over the course of the morning in order to achieve some impressive batting and fielding scores. 


When the organisers had calculated the grand totals for each school, Whitemoor discovered that they'd finished in third place... What a fantastic achievement! 


Our Y5 Kwick Cricket team was made up of: Ruben K, Tyrai E, Mohammed H, Haris K, Lewis C, Hamaza A, Shayaan M and Sunil S.