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Tournament Result - Y4/5 Quad Athletics Finals

Earlier this afternoon, we ventured back to Harvey Hadden Stadium, ready to compete in the grand finals of the Y4/5 Quad Athletics event. 


With the best four teams from our heat and from the other heat being involved, we knew that finishing in a medal position would be extremely tricky. This wasn't about to phase Team Whitemoor though...!


In what was glorious sunshine; our team displayed excellent technique, power and pace in all four of their events. What's more, they offered praise and encouragement to each other in bucket loads! We really couldn't asked them to have done anymore. 


When scores from the four events that each child had competed in were added together, our boys and girls discovered that they'd finished just a few points short of the third placed school. 


Finishing fourth was still a great achievement though and something all our athletes should be extremely proud of!


Our team for the Y4/5 Quad Athletics Finals was: Jordan N, Jayden A, Sam W, Lucas S, Tyrai E, Makeda M, Minky D, Kuleni S, Alyssia N and Ticianny M.