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Tournament Result - Y3/4 Handball

It's safe to say that, over the past few years, Whitemoor have enjoyed some great successes in the sport of Handball. With this in mind, our Y3/4 Handball team ventured over to Harvey Hadden earlier, hoping they would be able to secure yet more medals... 


After the first round of games had finished, and some strange scoring had taken place, Whitemoor found out they'd not gained enough points to qualify for the winners bracket. This meant we missed out on the chance of winning any medals - instead playing against the other schools in our bracket in a 'friendly' format. 


It must be said that Team Whitemoor reacted brilliantly to the disappointment of not making it as far as they hoped, as well as the disappointment of having a number of their first round wins scored as draws or loses. 


Well done to all involved for the above and for their great efforts during the afternoon. 


Today's Y3/4 Handball team was made up of: Fizzah A, Natai B, James C, Lucas S, Malak E, Jahmar C, Kiyan A, Rayaan S, Lorita O, Jagraj L, Makeda M and Alawrae K.