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Tournament Result - KS2 Kurling

Today Whitemoor competed in what was the second ever School Sport Nottingham New Age Kurling tournament.


Like last year, we were able to enter multiple teams into this inclusive event, giving us chance to select children who’ve not played inter-school sports as regularly as others have.


For those of you who aren’t sure what New Age Kurling is: it’s a modified version of the Winter Olympic sport (with no ice involved). As in the Olympics - you win points by pushing your stone into the centre of a target, probably knocking out your opponent’s stones as you do!


Over the course of the afternoon, our players displayed great skill and recorded many a victory as a result of this. In fact, one team did so well they brought home the gold medal for Whitemoor. What an amazing achievement - our first ever Kurling medal.


Our KS2 Kurling teams, two in all, consisted of: Sufyan Z, Tyler C, Zakiah E, Arnav N, Max K, Hayder I, Shruti A and Harley P.