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Football Result – Thursday 13th October – Boys Under 11 Karnival Tournament

1. Whitemoor Academy 0 – 0 Southwold Primary


2. Whitemoor Academy 1 – 1 South Wilford Primary
Mason N

3. Whitemoor Academy 2 – 0 Fernwood Juniors
Carnell T
Carnell T


4. Whitemoor Academy 0 – 0 Southwark Primary A


5. Whitemoor Academy 4 – 1 Southwark Primary B
Brian D
Brian D

Mason N

Carnell T


Despite going undefeated in our group games, we failed to qualify for the semi-finals of the Karnival for the first time in five years. Congratulations to South Wilford, who topped the Nottingham South league with 2 points more than Whitemoor.


Congratulations should also go to our players for their exemplary efforts and sportsmanship throughout the afternoon at the Forest Sports Zone.  



Thomas W

Harvinder D

Daniel P

Castel B

Brian D

Carnell T

Mason N



Romario L

Mason T


Man of the Tournament: Carnell T