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Football Result – Friday 2nd February – Boys Under 11 Futsal Tournament

1. Whitemoor Academy 0 – 3 Parkdale Primary


2. Whitemoor Academy 4 – 0 Beeston Fields Primary

Brian D

Brian D

Tyrai W

Shalom-Chris O


3. Whitemoor Academy 0 – 1 Middleton Primary


4. Whitemoor Academy 1 – 1 Richard Bonington Primary

Brian D


Despite some impressive performances, including Tyrai on his debut, we clearly missed a few of our experienced Y6 players – who were unavailable due to being on a trip. Saying that, if we hadn't conceded a simple goal to Richard Bonnington in our final game, then we could have gone through to the 3rd/4th play offs (which we reached last year).


Unfortunately we did concede, and so our points tally saw us compete in the 7th/8th play off against Netherfield. In this game an experimental side played out the following score:


Whitemoor Academy 0 – 3 Netherfield Primary


Whist the tournament acted as a good experience for our players, their attentions now turn to securing the NSFA Under 11 league title (come April time). 



Kavan S

Aiden L

Brian D

Mason T

Tyrai W



Travae R

Shalom-Chris O


Man of the Tournament: Tyrai W