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Competition Result – Wednesday 28th June – Y6 Go For Gold Fun Run

Earlier on today, Whitemoor took part in one of School Sport Nottingham's new events (for 2019): the Go for Gold Fun Run. 


This event consisted of hundreds of pupils running around the lake at Colwick Country Park. However, it got a whole lot more exciting that this...


Anyone who managed to make it around the course once earned a bronze wristband, twice earned them a silver wristband and, if they did this three times, earned a gold band.


It was fabulous to see that all of our Y6 cohort completed a minimum of 3 laps around the lake, with many doing twice this much! What's more, despite the rain and wind, Team Whitemoor did so with huge smiles on their faces throughout. 


Our Y6 Go For Gold Fun Run team was made up of: Class 13, Class 14, teachers, teaching assistants and Notts County staff.