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Competition Result – Tuesday 13th February – Y5/6 Dance Championships

Last night, a selection of our Y5/6 Dance Troupe traveled up to Ellis Guilford to take part in what was our third School Sport Nottingham 'Championships'.   


As the main hall at Ellis started to fill up, we learnt that we would be up against tough opposition in the form of: Old Basford, Southwark, Scotholme, Sycamore, Burford, Middleton, Forest Fields and William Booth. Added to this, Whitemoor had to wait until the very end to dance, and so their nerves of pupils and staff built and built….  


However, thanks to lots and lots of rehearsals with Miss Raquel and Miss Turner - our boys and girls performed their routine with great skill, synchronicity and timing. We simply couldn't have asked for a better effort!  


Once we'd finished, the medal positions were revealed, with Whitemoor discovering that they'd scored enough points to finish in second place! What a brilliant achievement, especially given the fact this was the third year running our Dance Troupe have meddled at this event.


Our superstar Dance Troupe was made up of: Cole S, Jahyki C, Shamai P, Nevaya P, Shanairi P, Sophie H, J'Adore P and Mara A.