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Tournament Result – Thursday 22nd March – Y2 Infant Agility Festival

Yesterday afternoon, we took another class full of Y2 children to the Infant Agility festival, again hosted at Lee Westwood Sports Centre.


Like last week, the festival was delivered by first year NTU Sports Coaching Degree Students, with the aim of the event remaining the same: to provide pupils with an introduction to multi-skills activities.


The format of the festival included pupils taking part in relay and obstacle races, similar to the Sportshall Athletics format; along with field events such as speed bounce, throwing, long jump and balance testing.


Whitemor's team of thirty was split into smaller groups throughout the festival and rotated around the different activites in a circuit style; however the emphasis of the event was always on fun and enjoyment for all.


It was fair to say that all of Whitemoor's Y2 children had an a fantastic afternoon in what was their first taste of  inter-school sport. 


This week's Y2 Infant Agility team consisted of: Aakash A, Ozair A, Mohammed A, Ateeb A, Shiloh B, Krisha B, Abi-Lea B, Oliver B,  Anaye C, Jayden C, Ahman D, Malachi E, Sukainah F, Arnelas J, Ava J, Aaliyah L, Tanishka M, Zahra M, Kaid M, Remaneiice M, Leo M, Archit N, Damian N, Chiamaka O, Rayne P, Karampreet R, Hassan S, Mustafa T, Niall T and Leila W.