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Whitemoor Academy

A 'Take Care' school that encourages pupils to 'Dare to be Different'

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Mental Health and Well-being

At Whitemoor Academy, we are committed to supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of our pupils and staff. We promote the message that 'it's ok not to be ok,' allowing all members of our Whitemoor family to feel comfortable when expressing how they feel and giving them space to understand and explore their emotions. We acknowledge that everyone experiences challenges in life that might require us to reach out and ask for help; this the bravest thing we can do when we need emotional support. We take the view that maintaining positive mental health is everyone's responsibility and we want to do what we can as a school to support all our children, families and staff with their wellbeing.

At our school, as part of our daily ethos and through our PSHEE curriculum, we:

  • Equip children with tools to develop their emotional resilience and manage challenge
  • Help children form and maintain socially positive relationships
  • Give children a variety of platforms for sharing any concerns or worries
  • Encourage children to 'dare to be different'
  • Promote children's self-esteem and positive self image
  • Help children to understand their emotions and feelings with the knowledge that it's ok to speak out about how they feel.

Emotional Health and Resilience Charter


At Whitemoor, we have also made the commitment to follow and use the Emotional Health and Resilience Charter set out by Nottingham City Council. We have been using this as a tool for assessing our emotional health delivery for all children for over a year now and have already submitted a case study. Nottingham Schools page (see link below) outlines this as the following:


The Emotional Health and Resilience charter is a way for schools to show their commitment to support the mental health and emotional wellbeing and resilience of their pupils. Once the school has signed the charter they complete an audit to record their strengths and identify areas for development. An action plan is then created and support can be requested from the Emotional Health and Wellbeing Consultants and partner services. Once the school has achieved meaningful outcomes based on their action plan these are celebrated and shared across the city in the form of a case study.


The levels of support we offer are:


Universal Support - This meets the needs of all of our pupils through our PSHEE curriculum, our wider curriculum and through our general school ethos. 

Additional Support - For those children who may have short term needs as a result of a challenging life experience, for example bereavement or trauma. This support may come from a trained staff member or an external provider.

Targeted Support - For pupils who need more targeted support such as specific interventions or one to one support. Examples of this are our Drawing and Talking support sessions, wellbeing interventions and behaviour support.