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Whitemoor Academy

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Late/Absence Procedures


Procedure for late children:

  • Any children arriving late will need to be signed in (using our electronic system) at the School Office.



Procedure if a child is staying at home because of illness:

  • On the first day of absence (and every day afterwards until they return) parents/carers should notify school by telephone: 0115 978 6351 or text: +441158240163. They should also provide the reason(s) why their child will be absent and state what the likely day of return will be.


  •  If a telephone call or text message is not received, school will contact parents/carers to enquire about their child’s absence. Please provide at least two contacts in case of an emergency.


  • After three days, if school has still not received any information regarding a child’s absence, we will follow this up with a home visit.