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Whitemoor Academy

A 'Take Care' school that encourages pupils to 'Dare to be Different'

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How we support SEN


At Whitemoor Academy, we have experience of supporting children and young people with a wide range of needs including:

  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • ADHD
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyspraxia
  • Allergies requiring use of epipen
  • Epilepsy
  • Cerebal Palsy
  • Emotional and Behaviour
  • Mental Health
  • Speech and Language


Our Special Educational Needs Coordinators are Danielle Waterfall, Rebecca Renton and Gemma hardy. The SENCos work within the school’s Take Care Team, and alongside class teachers, overseeing and monitoring support and progress of any child requiring additional support across the school.


  • The class teacher will oversee, plan and work with each child with SEND in their class to ensure that progress is made in every area.
  • Alongside the Quality First Teaching that your child will receive in lessons, there may be a Teaching Assistant (TA) working with your child, either individually or as part of a group; if this is seen as necessary by the class teacher. The regularity of these sessions will be explained to parents when the support starts.
  • The Teaching Assistant will also work with your child, this support is called Quality First Teaching, where the work is differentiated and suits the needs of the children it comes in the form of a lesson rather than an intervention programme


This means that the children may be taken out of the classroom for these sessions, but they will continue to work on the same areas as the rest of the children in their class, which ensures that they can go back into the classroom with a smooth transition.


Who will explain this to me?

The class teacher will meet with parents at least on a termly basis (this could be as part of Parents’ evening) to discuss your child’s needs, support and progress.

Should staff have concerns about your child then they may invite you to come into a SEN review meeting at any time of the year.


This will involve the class teacher, support staff, the Take Care Team Lead (Rob Lord) and the SENCO(s).

  • For further information, the SENCO is available to discuss support in more detail.
  • The children themselves meet with the SENCO and their targets are put into child friendly terms. They are also given these on a target card to help them remember.


How are the Governors involved and what is their responsibility?

Governors are kept up to date on a termly basis as to the progress of SEN children. Individual children are not named in this instance and confidentiality is maintained at all times.

The Governors agree priorities for spending within the SEN budget with the overall aim that all children receive the support they need in order to make progress.