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Tournament Result – Monday 10th July – KS2 Inclusive Sportshall Athletics

This year has seen a huge increase in the amount of 'inclusive' sports tournaments. These tournaments are designed to get a wider range, and high number, of pupils taking part in inter school events


The last of these was Inclusive Sportshall Athletics, held at Ellis Guilford.  Over the course of the afternoon, some of our best Year 5 children took part in various track and field activities.


All the children received a score from each event, which was then added to their team score. The Whitemoor team impressed from the very start and recorded a final points score which was hundreds ahead of any other school.  


This obviously resulted in another gold medal for Whitemoor! Well done to all the children who took part.


The Y5/6 Inclusive Sportshall Athletics team consisted of: Taylor T, Rhys M, Cole S, Elijah K, Deimante R, Puja K, Katlyn G and Laetitia L.