Let's get creative



We are now a GOLD Arts Mark School!

"The creative arts allows childrens personalities to open up and gives them a chance to shine like no other subject in the curriculm. The confidence this engenders and the self knowledge, that they are being noticed in their own right as individuals with their own strengths, can be used as a motiviating factor to help them succeed in subjects that they might find difficult. Hence a focus on the creative arts can have a positive impact on attainment and progress, as well giving children the oppotunity to be enriched and to shine."

Along with the many performance assemblies, in school concerts and celebration events, we also try and provide as many large scale opportunties for children to shine within the creative arts.






Mr Cook

  • Art

Ms Perry

  • Class Music – Years 1 and 2
  • Gifted and talented Choir
  • Individual singing lessons

Mr O’Leary            

  • Class Music – Years 6 , 5 and 3
  • Music Technology
  • Whole school Choir
  • Community Choir
  • Electronic keyboard and violin lessons

Mr Tooley

  • Class Music  – Year 4
  • Brass

Miss Casado

  • Dance

Miss Malone

  • Drama